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Family Reelâ„¢

An in-depth look at one or more family members, told in their own words and through the eyes of relatives and friends


Reel Biography's origin, and still our mission today, is capturing the stories of everyday people in their own words through digital video. Family Reels can focus on an individual family member or tell the story of a whole family or family business. Using interviews, archival footage and family photos, we create a 15 - 30 minute biography that captures each family's unique story.

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A moving testament to the resilience of a Holocaust survivor in honor of his 80th birthday

"How Sweet It Is: The Koppers Chocolate Story"

The story of a family business and the unique man who made it a success

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"Life Sciences: The Lester Levy Story"

A celebration of the life of a man on his 80th birthday, combining his own recollections with those of family and friends