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Reel Biography is a Digital Video Branding Company. We create personalized content that enables both individuals and businesses to present their story in their own words, in a professionally produced, yet unscripted, attention-getting video. At Reel Biography, the focus is on people, putting a human face on businesses as well as showcasing individuals.

Reel Biography's work provides an outside perspective for clients seeking high-end commissioned video that is distinct in both production values and narrative content.  With a team of top filmmakers and broadcast journalists who are truly focused on each and every client, our Reels have an array of uses in marketing, recruiting, events, internal communications, investor relations,  publicity, and overall brand building.

Established in 2003, Reel Biography has been called upon by public companies, professional service firms, family businesses, start ups, governments, NGOs and academic institutions, as well as individuals and their families to tell their story in a way that informs and inspires. We are honored that our clients have trusted us with this most important job—to capture what makes them unique. Examples of our work can be viewed

Reel Biography

Experience, leadership and insights focused on making every Reel a success

Jennifer J. Wollan

President & Executive Producer

Jennifer has been the owner of Reel Biography since 2007. She also continues to edit many of our projects, something she has done since the company's inception in 2003. With over twenty-five years of experience in film, television and video production, she has worked in almost every genre imaginable, ranging from no-budget PSA's and independent documentaries to network television and multi-million dollar features. She began her career editing and writing trailers and on-air promotion.

Over the years she has worked with ABC, AMC, Comedy Central, TNT, and Thirteen/WNET, including eleven years as part of the Emmy-winning team for America's #1 morning show, Good Morning America.

She has been the visual effects editor for several feature films, including Die Hard With A Vengeance, Wing Commander and Judge Dredd. Her documentary work includes Brubeck Returns To Moscow, Swinging Into Russia with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Between The Lines: Asian American Women Poets.

She served six years as Vice President of Special Events for New York Women in Film & Television, for whom she also chaired the Women's Film Preservation Fund for five years. She has a BA in psychology from Harvard University, a certificate in filmmaking from NYU and is a graduate of the BMI/Lemhan Engel Musical Theater Writing Workshop.